HCG Success Stories

HCG has changed my life

After trying different ways to lose weight and knowing that because my health issues I couldn't take anything that was not natural, I was completely discouraged until the day I found out about HCG UFL. HCG has changed my life and my family's life! After the first round, I just felt that nothing could stop me and decided to do it 2 more times. After my 3 rounds, I lost 55 pounds and can't wait to do it again. Now I feel more confident and secure of myself. Thank you HCG UFL for helping me change my life and for teaching me how I can make healthier decisions in my life..

Jessica P


With a skeptical and pessimistic attitude, I took the advice of a co-worker to try HCG. I went out on a limb by making a choice that has changed my life dramatically. This priceless investment in my health has had triumphant benefits. To date, I have lost a whopping 81 pounds in just 4 short months. I exude a radiant swagger like never before!
I am gearing up and ecstatic about a final round that will catapult me to my ultimate weight loss goal! Now I'm a consultant, coach, distributor, and now manager but I carry the title of CLIENT in the highest regard!.

Raven B

As everyone seemed to be, I too was skeptical. Until I made a visit to my friend and actually saw first hand the amazing results of their transformation. At that point, I was convinced. Being involved in the Nightlife Industry and working from home, I was already at a set back. But with my mind made up and HCG UFL drops in hand, I progressed forward! My results were instant and steady. Definitely had the motivation that other diet/meal plans and other regimens often fail to have. In the course of the 30 day period, I have lost 25lbs!!!! Some say I didn’t “NEED” to lose any, but I truly feel better and have learned a new lifestyle of eating and treating my body better. Thanks again to all who have helped and given knowledge to such a great product! NOW on to the maintenance phase! Congrats to myself and any one else who has completed this process!

Joe P

My name is Luisa F. Villegas I was overweight for years. I was at the point where I just wasn't happy with how I was feeling and the way I looked. I tried everything throughout my life, just to lose a couple of pounds. But you know what? Every program I was on failed to do one thing change my relationship with the food. HCG UFL has done that for me. Because of those positive changes I made in my life I lost 30 pounds in one month. And lost extra 10 pounds I feel Great!!!! And the most important thing there is no price on health, this is the best program you could ever join..

Luisa V

I lost 15 lbs. It was the hardest thing, yet the easiest because instant weight loss! PS: bye bye baby weight! .

Lorrie W

My breaking point happened around the time my Best Friends wedding. 5 months before the wedding, I started a diet and exercise routine which didn't give me much results! I Lost about 7 lbs. Looking at the picture after her wedding, I was so unhappy, depressed and angry with myself. I remembered seeing HCGUFL at the Bridal extravaganza. I contacted the phone # in the catalog and I said to myself "This is it...my last resort before I consider surgery!" After talking it over with my husband and lots of praying, we both decided to do it! 3 rounds later I am 45 lbs thinner. I have continued the healthy eating and stayed on a workout routine, which at times is still a struggle, but I am never going back! I am so happy and with my focus on God...I did it! The documentary videos are also a big help. Lots of people ask me the break down and here it is: 1st rd. -20 lbs. 2nd rd. -15 lbs. 3rd rd. -10 lbs..

Stella O

I've just completed round 1 and lost an amazing 26lbs in 30days. There is nothing that taste as good as skinny feels. 26lbs gone and forgotten!.


HCG Ultimate Fat Loss was great I lost 26 pounds in 30 days! This was the perfect jump start to a better life for me. I no longer need blood pressure or reflux medication. Additionally, now that I've learned how to maintain a proper diet and I've added exercise, I've lost an additional 8 pounds to date. I will refer HCG UFL to anyone in need of losing weight and living healthy!


"I was really skeptical about starting this diet. I have tried all kinds of weight loss remedies and after being unsuccessful, I said might as well try HCG UFL. I am 2 1/2 weeks in and have lost 32lbs. The first week was Hell!! Man, I thought I was going to pass out! But now..... I am straight! My favorite food is Fried Chicken and I went to a Memorial Day Back Yard get together, and let me tell you, I looked at that fresh Fried Chicken and was able to say "NO!" I will commit to Completing the Ultimate Weight loss with HCG UFL. I love it! This is the first diet I have ever been on that has shown extreme results! "IT REALLY WORKS!!" I started weighing 314lbs and currently at 282lbs averaging about 2lbs of weight loss a day. My goal is to weigh between 240-250. "I Am In It To Win It!"

Deno Brumley

I was truly nervous to try this diet. I thought to myself...can I do this? Will it really work? Does it really work as fast as they say it does? Will there be side effects? The answers to these questions are YES I did it, YES it works, YES it works fast and NO there are NO side effects! This plan was perfect for me and I lost the weight I wanted to lose in record time! The weight loss was so amazing...1/2 to 1 pound a day for me...I couldn't believe it! I'm the smallest I've been in 10 years and it feels awesome! Those last 10-15 pounds are always the hardest to lose and after my last baby I just never lost it. Well my son will be 5 next month and I've FINALLY lost the baby weight! In addition to losing the weight I've found a new love...B-12. The B-12 supplements gave me so much energy that I'm continuing to use it. HCG Ultimate Fat Loss has been so impressive that I've become a distributor of the products as well! Now I'm helping others to lose weight and get healthy too!

Kim H

I am truly a pessimist and question everything. As stated I do not do diets, but have gained a lot of weight over the past 15 years, about 90 lbs. I quit smoking the end of October last year and gained 35 lbs in less than 6 months which put me into danger for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol concerns. The HCG Ultimate Fat Loss program was introduced to me and my play daughter and I said “you are kidding, sign me up.” I made up mind to try it and 30 days in and I have lost 27.4 lbs plus inches! I did not load correctly which resulted in headaches the first 2 to 3 days, and some nausea from not drinking enough water, but after the first 8 days I had lost 12.2 lbs. I was surprised; shocked is a better word at the quick loss of weight. The 12.2 lost in 8 days made a believer out of me. I have been rolling ever since. I will take a break until the end of July and I will start my next round in August. I don’t want to diet the entire summer with vacation scheduled the end of June out of state and friends visiting the middle of July from out of state. I am pretty sure I will maintain not eating so many carbohydrates every day to watch my weight gain/loss until my next round in August. I will do round 3 right after the New Year! Hopefully, I will have obtained my ultimate weight by March or April 2012!

Rochelle Jernigan

No hunger, no fatigue, increased energy. . .what more could I ask for? With HCG Ultimate Fat Loss, I have journeyed down the easiest weight loss path ever! Never having strictly followed a diet before, my biggest motivator was the daily weight loss, 50 pounds in my case. In fact, once I was on maintenance, I missed that daily loss. However, I now lead a healthier lifestyle and, as a Distributor, am now helping others achieve their weight loss goals. This has been an absolutely fulfilling journey!

Wanda G

I am getting married, and I refuse to go buy a beautiful expensive dress at the weight I was at! 2 years ago I had a surgery that messed with my hormones and instantly put on 20 lbs. I tried to get the weight off and no matter what I tried I couldn't lose more than 5 lbs....so I gave up! My sister told me about this HCG UFL diet and I thought she was so gullible to believe that this stuff would work, not to mention changing everything from shampoo to lotion seemed unreasonable to me! So....I went to the Houston Bridal Extravaganza and while walking through I saw the HCG Ultimate Fat Loss booth. There were a lot of people working the booth causing what seemed to be chaos. Well, I am nosy so I went to involve myself and saw that they were ALL showing pictures of themselves from before the HCG UFL Diet and when I looked at each and everyone of them that day it was apparent that they had all lost a substantial amount of weight one way or another. I spoke with Pauline briefly, she gave me her card and said if I was interested call her! Two days later, I woke up looked in the mirror and hated what I was seeing! I got to work and thought to myself what do I have to lose except the extra A$$ that I had acquired. I called Pauline, the same day met up with her, and she went over everything I needed to know in addition to giving me all the materials and paperwork to get me started on the program! Pauline was accommodating, knowledgeable, and honest about it all, she even said if I had questions call her anytime! Poor Pauline shouldn't have said that because I called and text all the time with questions. She never ignored me once, she got back to me in the same day, and she was never annoyed by my constant questions that were probably just over the top. (I just wanted to do things right). In 26 days I lost 19 lbs. and have kept it off for 3 months with no problem. I watched so many shows and read so many articles blasting this controversial diet, even going as far to say that anyone that says it works gets paid.....I PAID TO DO THIS! I TOOK TIME OUT OF MY DAY TO TELL YOU MY STORY TO HELP OTHERS WITH DOUBTS ABOUT IT! I don't care if you or anyone else does this because when I go to bed at night I am 19 lbs thinner. My metabolism is working better than ever and when they say it will metabolize your bad fat cells it does! Look at my pictures I am living proof! I didn't believe it either till I saw my own pictures! Thank you Pauline for your kindness, patience, and support. HCG UFL worked well, but you are what helped me keep going! Your company should be so appreciative to have a rep. like you!

Crystal R

I love the HCG UFL program! I have struggled with weight since high school, as many of us do. After I had my first child I found it extra difficult to lose the baby weight and the weight that I already had on my before I got pregnant. After doing the HCG UFL program, I not only lost 22 pounds in 23 days, but I also developed a new and different relationship with food, as well as began feeling so much better about myself. I am now on Round 2 and looking forward to living a healthier lifestyle.

I was tired of working out and still holding onto some extra weight. I had a horrible addiction to sugar. I was looking to lose about 10 stubborn pounds. 23 days later I was 18 lbs lighter and feel healthier than I ever have in my life! I no longer feel like I have to have something sweet after every meal. For the first time I am looking forward to buying a new swimsuit for the summer. So exciting!

Jennifer P

No hunger, fatigue, increased energy. . .what more could I ask for? With HCG Ultimate Fat Loss, I have journeyed down the easiest weight loss path ever! Never having strictly followed a diet before, my biggest motivator was the daily weight loss, 50 pounds in my case. In fact, once I was on maintenance, I missed that daily loss. However, I now lead a healthier lifestyle and, as a Distributor, am now helping others achieve their weight loss goals. This has been an absolutely fulfilling journey!

Wanda G

WOW!!! I lost 42 lbs. in 45 days and an additional 6 lbs. during the Maintenance Phase, making my total weight loss 48 lbs. . I was able to stop taking medication for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and a sleeping disorder that I have been taking for the last 6 & 1/2 years. HCG Ultimate Fat Loss has changed my life!!

Ken M

HCG UFL is Phenomenal!! During the 45 day protocol I lost 25 lbs while on maintenance I lost an additional 5 lbs. I never thought that I could be this healthy again the impossible became my reality. From a heavy size 14 bursting through the seams now a fantastic size 10, round 2 here I come. Living life! And Loving It!! Skinny Up!!

Tim N

Ecstatic!!! After 45 days of being on the HCG UFL protocol I experienced a substantial weight loss totaling 31 lbs. Noted a definite improvement with my health being able to eliminate most medications was amazing, the health benefits of HCG UFL compares to none. My energy level “Is off the chain”.

Tim N

a hairstylist, I have always been a gregarious, social butterfly. After having twins in 2006, I seemed to lose control of my weight. My zeal and fanaticism began to suffer. In 4 years, I gained nearly 90 pounds. No diet or weight loss program proved successful for me. With my career and lifestyle, I was too busy to stick to what I know now as the MYTHS of weight loss.
After seeing Raven’s remarkable results after only 2 weeks, I jumped on the HCG train! In just 4 months, my life and outlook on weight management is completely different. With the flexibility, easy meal planning and astounding daily results of HCG UFL, I am well on my way to a new, healthier, slimmer, and sexier ME!

Nesha B

I've just completed round 1 and lost an amazing 26lbs in 30days. There is nothing that taste as good as skinny feels. 26lbs gone and forgotten!

Danielle L

I started HCG UFL drops July 31st. I was skeptical of course since every other diet had failed in the past. However, I was amazed to see the results the first day. Seeing the amount of an average of 2 pounds daily coming off was fantastic! This gave me a daily reassurance it was going to work this time. My other fears of having to eat a strict diet or being hungry also disappeared in the first week. It is a very doable program and I never felt hungry! Seeing the results on a daily basis makes it a very easy protocol to follow. The joy of dropping dress sizes and the amazing amount of weight lost made me speechless. I have struggled with weight all my life and now at 38 is the first time I realized I can beat this and be that skinny healthy vibrant women I’ve always wanted to be! To date I have lost 80 pounds in a 45 day stint! HCG Ultimate Fat Loss has been wonderful and offered great support!

Chanelle H

Thank you for introducing HCG UFL into my life. I am so happy with my “new” body! 🙂 This has helped me achieve my goal and also my lifetime goal of being a mommy. My husband and I are over the moon. Thank you again HCG UFL! HCG UFL Rocks!

Evangelina S

I’ve lost 10 lbs. in my 11 day journey, with 19 days left…It has been real; I weigh myself daily and take comfort in knowing that those digits between my toes today, will become history tomorrow! The HCG UFL diet is a no-nonsense approach to weight loss. If you really want to achieve your weight loss goals, all you need is tons of commitment and relentless perseverance.

Ruby B

I’m so thankful to the knowledge I have learned about healthy weight loss through HCG UFL. I lost 29 pounds in 30 days! It is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! Not only did I gain energy, but I no longer take my meds! Thank you very much HCG Ultimate Fat Loss!

Iris T

My husband & I started this weight loss journey together. In two rounds we both reached our ideal weight…I lost 32lbs & my husband lost 45lbs. Not only do we feel and look amazing, most importantly we were both off our diabetes medication after 7 days of being on the program. Over 20 years of taking diabetes medication, gone in 7 days…That’s Incredible! Thank you HCG UFL!

Jeanette & Nashat M

Where do I begin?…with the fact that I was skeptical about HCG or the fact that I’m glad I did it, because I’ve never felt or looked so great in my entire life. I have lost a total of 93 pounds and I have HCG Ultimate Fat Loss to thank for my amazing loss! My rapid weight loss made it effortless to follow the protocol. I have now completed maintenance and still rockin’ my 133 pound physique! Thanks again for helping me conquer my fat loss journey!

Pauline S

First I was kind of skeptical about HCG, I really didn’t need to lose much weight, and I was always such a fitness enthusiast so it was hard to believe that just those drops with a diet will make me lose the fat around my waist without killing myself at the gym. After I saw my friends who already started the diet two weeks prior, I said, “NO WAY!!!” They looked amazing… So I decided to give it a try… What can I lose? I tried almost everything on the market… But after just one week with some before and after pictures, I noticed I was shrinking and LOSING WEIGHT!!! Couldn’t believe it… At the end of my 30 days I can tell and show you my body then and now, it’s like I did LIPO, without having to pay the expensive rates and without the pain of recovery… LOVE IT!!! And I will highly recommend it because it WORKS”

Pamela C

Using the HCG Ultimate Fat Loss program and losing 47lbs in 2 rounds was miraculous! This weight loss has made me feel more confident and positive about myself and my life…which in turn has helped me steer my lifestyle towards a healthier path.

Fernando S

I’m so grateful to HCG Ultimate Fat Loss! After 2 years of trying to lose weight with diets and exercise and no results, I heard about HCG UFL and it changed my life forever! In 2 rounds, I lost 52 pounds…and 1 month on maintenance eating what I like I have not gained a pound! I feel and look great!

Giovanna K

After I saw the weight loss and success on my wife, I tried HCG UFL and I lost 23 pounds in 23 days! I used to eat 6 thousand calories a day and very unhealthy food! HCG UFL showed me another concept of eating and being healthy…I’m on the right path now! I feel great and healthy.

Josef K

HCG UFL works great! I lost 37 pounds in 31 days! I’m very happy with the results and can’t wait til the next go-round!

Edward C

109 lbs down in 5 rounds on the HCG UFL program! My weight has completely stabilized. No more up and downs…Need I say more? This has been the greatest gift to myself! I am living my Greatest Life!

Paulette H

At First, I was very hesitant in doing this program. I just didn’t care anymore and I had accepted my weight. I started this program on November 1, 2010, and now I am completely convinced that I made a very GOOD choice. I would anxiously get up every morning and hop on the scale to see my results. I lost 31 lbs. in my 30 day program. My energy levels are thru the roof and NOW I enjoy doing outside activities with my son. I am very excited with my amazing results; I am so ready to do a few more rounds, so I can get to my final destination. I love my new body now!! My Family and friends have definitely noticed the new and improved me. Thank you, HCG Ultimate Fat Loss! I’m forever grateful.

Vivian L

My husband and I began a 30-day HCG UFL journey together and found that not only was our weight loss beneficial, but the support and encouragement we extended to each other also strengthened our relationship. We ate meals together, and sometimes prepared them together. We even transferred our healthy eating practices to our children.
Personally, completing HCG UFL Phase 2 increased my discipline “muscle” and has positively influenced other areas of my life that require diligence and perseverance. I am thankful that I was able to successfully complete this process and reap the rewards of this accomplishment.
Ultimately, we desired to share this program with others who struggle with weight and poor health, particularly with members of our family and friends. As distributors, we have the privilege of supporting others in their pursuit of health and well-being. We feel blessed to be a part of the HCG Ultimate Fat Loss team and can personally attest to its benefits of weight loss and beyond!

Thelissa E

In completion of a 30 day round and a 6 week maintenance I am truly happy to say that I lost 35lbs. It was a challenge initially but turned out to be amazing. To see the weight fall off like it did was just awesome. It was also great that my wife did it with me and we journeyed together which also enriched our relationship. She celebrates her 19 lb loss as well.

Nakia E

This is my first time trying any kind of diet or weight loss product. I’ve always maintained a healthy weight or so I thought. I decided to join my wife on this journey to get fit and shed some weight, I did a good job losing some weight on my own but the last 15-20lbs just wouldn’t leave. Here is a brief description of my journey on HCG UFL the Ultimate Fat Loss way!!
We started to load on Jan 8th & 9th – that was nice I got to eat everything I really liked in 2 days. So I ate my favorite pasta, hamburger, bar-b-q you name it I ate some of it that weekend. The true HCG UFL diet started on the 10th – 16th, this was hard for me at first cutting my snacks out, no more munching on my chips at night or making milkshakes. The food regiment wasn’t to bad, just not having my bread and rice took some getting use to! The cooking was good because I could still use my favorite seasoning to do my cooking. Not being able to use oil was another issue at first, but I learned to use water to keep food from sticking. The first week was the hardest because we tried to cook things on our own and after a week it started to taste the same. But we decided to start using the recipes on the HCG Ultimate Fat Loss web site and found out we were depriving ourselves of great tasting food!! In my first week I lost about 2lbs a day.. So by the end of week 1 I lost about 10lbs in the first week.
Going into week 2 Jan 17th – 23rd I was excited. I didn’t know what to expect going into my second week. So, following the measured protein and eating regiment I continued to see my weight decrease, the weight loss was smaller at about 0.5 lbs a day on average. This was still significant for me because my goal going into this was to only lose 15lbs, I was already close to my goal after the first week! So by the end of my second week I lost another 4lbs, I haven’t been this size since my college days!! My energy level was good, especially after we finally got our B-12! There are a few things that are a must have on this program to me.. B-12 and Melba toast!!!
The final week for me Jan 24th – 31st was normal, I already met my goal of losing 15lbs in my first week and a half on the program. I noticed I lost a little more weight but it seemed my weight loss stopped at 18lbs. I’ve been maintaining the same weight for the last 4 days and I feel great!!! I have more energy, I feel better, I will be starting to work out once I’ve completed my program and I’m looking forward to it!! I didn’t do any exercising during the whole program, I just followed the directions and ate according to the plan and stayed on the course and now I’m in a better position to kick off the new year with a new me! During the maintenance phase, I still continued to lose a few more lbs. by the end of my journey I lost a total of 20lbs!!
Thanks Paulette for this great HCG Ultimate Fat Loss program, I couldn’t have done it without ya!!

Samuel G

I have struggled with my weight since my freshman year of college 5 years ago. I gained about 60lbs total. I tried Weight Watchers, the Special K diet and many other diets but none of them worked, or worked for the long term. Diane Parnell got me started on the HCG UFL diet after I saw her incredible progress. I did my first round for 45 days and lost 35 lbs!!! I’m back to my weight sophomore year! I am working to get back to my weight in high school!! 128lbs…HERE I COME! Thank you HCG UFL!

Mehgan P

After having three kids and being diagnosed with thyroid problems, I had a more than difficult time trying to lose weight. Fad diets and diets in general couldn’t get the weight off. With HCG UFL, I am now wearing size 6’s…down MULTIPLE sizes and 30 pounds! HCG UFL has given me back energy, my health and the freedom to enjoy my children’s childhood!


After feeling like an old woman I began researching other health alternatives. HCG has the longevity of a safe modality and the research to back it up. Now I have my health and zeal for life back. 57 lbs and years off my body. I have gone from a size 14 to a 6 in just two rounds of HCG UFL and feel Great! When skydiving I could barely fit in the harness (a safety issue) and now I can really sore beside my husband and become just one of the girls with my beautiful daughters.

Diane P

New Weight, New Lifestyle, New Me...thanks to HCG UFL!!! Never in a million years would I have thought I could be wearing a SIZE 4. I did in 30 days, what seemed impossible in all my years of trying to lose weight. I won't be returning to the "old me" now...I love the "new me" too much, especially since maintenance is super easy!
Start Weight: 153 Ending Weight: 136
Start Pant Size: 12 Ending Pant Size: 4
Start Shirt Size: Large Ending Shirt Size: Small

Bridgette J

I have for years wanted to lose weight but only in thought. I'm a 52 year old mother and wife, and put myself at the end of everything. I decided 2011 would be different! A friend had approached me to do the diet with her a year ago. I wish I had, but better late than never! All my excuses for why I couldn't fell to the wayside once I started. It is very easy to do, once you are set up with the proper foods. I'm a cook and I love it. I'm amazed at how great everything tastes and how prep time is minimal.
My life style change has been fantastic for my weight loss and attitude. I have great amounts of energy, look younger and it has motivated me to walk the Avon Breast cancer walk ... 39 miles! I've lost 29 pounds and am going to do a second round after the walk in April. Give yourself a great gift of health…you will love yourself for it!

Susan H

FIRST ROUND: 41 pounds in 45 days AND a 5 inch smaller waistline. NO headaches, NO cravings, NO hunger, NO fatigue. Not only has this worked for me but it's working for 8 of my closest family and friends and even 2 friends of friends. The only regret I have is I did not keep a log of exactly what I ate for the first 45 days. I started out in size 3XL and I am now in Large 12-14.

Georgella M

I’ve tried every diet known to man and the HCG UFL Diet is the best. The first two days of loading is way cool, then starts the diet protocol but by the 4th day I didn’t have an appetite. How amazing is that? Trust me you can do this! It’s easy and fun seeing both inches and the weight fall off your body. Try it you will love it. I lost 10 pounds the first two weeks on the protocol.

Terry T