Stella Oviedo

My breaking point happened around the time my Best Friends wedding. 5 months before the wedding, I started a diet and exercise routine which didn’t give me much results! I Lost about 7 lbs. Looking at the picture after her wedding, I was so unhappy, depressed and angry with myself. I remembered seeing HCGUFL at the Bridal extravaganza. I contacted the phone # in the catalog and I said to myself “This is it…my last resort before I consider surgery!” After talking it over with my husband and lots of praying, we both decided to do it! 3 rounds later I am 45 lbs thinner. I have continued the healthy eating and stayed on a workout routine, which at times is still a struggle, but I am never going back! I am so happy and with my focus on God…I did it! The documentary videos are also a big help. Lots of people ask me the break down and here it is: 1st rd. -20 lbs. 2nd rd. -15 lbs. 3rd rd. -10 lbs.

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